Personal trainer

Personal training from Tony’s Coaching.
Do you wish to consult a personal trainer once, twice or perhaps more times per week?
I offer personal training for everyone! People that wish to become fitter, People that wants to achieve a personal fitness goal, Endurance athletes that wish to become faster, Someone who wish to feel more energised to do things with family and friends.
Depending on your goal and ambition I can design a program for you to help you achieve your fitness goals! We can meet once a week, or several times a week, and I can design a program so that you can do other sports, self training, or for example family weekend golf or bike tour.

My programs are holistically designed with a base in controlled basic motions from stability as a foundation and a clear and structured progression. The program builds on two corner stones that both progresses through four phases. The two corner stones are 1) Functional Movement and Resistance Training and 2) Cardiorespiratory Training, and the four phases are Function, Health, Fitness, and Performance.
The Functional Movement and Resistance Training is built on traditional strength train, but takes into account body function, flexibility and any imbalances.
Cardiorespiratory training can be sport specific (for example training to run a Personal Best Marathon, or more general as a way to improve overall vigour and fitness).

Too start the program is simple. We meet, talk about goals, ambitions, plans, and approaches to exercise.
I use a few basic and simple screens (No 20 minute Max-test on a treadmill necessary!) that fits most clients, but I also use more scientific tests in case of more performance oriented training. These screens are great to find any imbalances, weaknesses, strengths that may be taken into account when designing a program.

The Four Phases and the Two Corner Stones:
Function Stability and Mobility Training Aerobic Base Training
Health Movement Training Aerobic-efficiency Training
Fitness Load Training Anaerobic-endurance Training
Performance Performance Training Functional Movement and Resistance Training