Webinar; Ironman Malaysia Race-day/Race week

In mid year 2018, I was contacted be IRONMAN, who wanted me to be their official coach for their “Become One” program, a program designed for first timer Ironman athletes. Honored and humbled I said yes.
I designed a train program for beginner Ironman athletes, and have followed these brave women and men over the past months. I have held three webinars leading up to the event, with the last webinar in the series being race day and race week specific. Although this webinar targets Ironman Malaysia, and has some very specific advice for that event (How many other events have Monkey Zones on the bike-leg?), most of the content is valid for any long distance triathlon, and to some extent for any endurance event.

What equipment is needed for your first triathlon?

Starting with triathlon might at times seem overwhelming with all the gear, all the training and all attire needed to get into the sport. But it is really necessary with a high performance disc-wheel, the latest swim-skin and a super-aerodynamic tri-suit in the latest colors?

Here’s a comprehensive downloadable pdf-guide to the gear to start with triathlon:

Starting with triathlon


Off season. Webinar.

Join me on the 18th of October at 12:00 noon (CET) for a Webinar on the topic: Off season.
The webinar will be recoded and available for download after the webinar has closed.

Click/follow the link to enter the meeting:

Be sure to download the software before the meeting: https://zoom.us (it’s free)