Stimulus Control!

Do you sometimes get home from work, feeling exhausted, resting on the coach, eating, perhaps playing with the kids/helping with homework – to discover that it’s then too late or too much of a hassle to get out and do that run that you thought about in the morning? Well, there’s always tomorrow isn’t it?

“Stimulus Control” can help behaviour change to get that desired workout done.
Pack a gym bag and have it ready in the car, or have running attire on the ready. Choose a gym that’s on the direct route to/from work, or make it a habit to drive past the local track from work. Perhaps there’s a great swimming hall next to your work for weekly lunch swimming or before work work-out? Or on the way to/from the commuter train station?

If you plan an early morning rise and run, have your workout clothes, socks, shoes, etc laid out for early morning workouts. Set the alarm, and when it goes off jump out of bed, get dressed and head out before you start to think too much.

Make it a habit to go through upcoming week’s agenda and make sure to plan for workouts ahead.

If you’re going for a bike ride, check tyres, bottles, GPS, and other equipment the day before. So that when you get home from work – it’s just to get dressed, grab the bike and head out!

Stimulus control refers to making adjustments to the environment to increase the likelihood of healthy behaviours and is much about removing the small obstacles that might feel overwhelming for example after a tiresome day at work. Remove as much resistance as possible by planning ahead, and prepare yourself to seize the opportunity.

After all, we all know how great and satisfying the feeling is after a work out is done and dusted!


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